Please leave your names to be remembered on All Souls Day and throughout the month of November

Dear Friend of the Little Flower,

You and I know the numbness death causes -that empty feeling. And yet death is part of our life. We all must face it. Our faith tells us it is the bridge to eternal life and union with God.

In this Year of Mercy, we pray that God's mercy overwhelms and embraces those who have died, especially our loved ones. We all know saints and scoundrels, sinners and heroes. But God only knows His beloved daughters and sons. We pray that the Merciful Father embraces them with understanding for their failings.  

You and I have these wonderful people who graced and colored our life – parents, spouses, grandparents, children, relatives, and friends. They showed us the face of God by their love and presence. We miss them when they die, and we want to stay in touch because they are part of us.

The Carmelites invite you to remember your saintly souls in our Masses throughout the entire month of November. Imagine yourself joining St. Therese and all the thousands of members of the Society of the Little Flower praying in unison for and with our saints.

On 2 November as we celebrate All Souls Day. On this day and throughout the month of November, we remember and pray for the souls of our loved ones who still mean so very much to us. The passing of our loved ones is not the end. It is the beginning of eternal life, a life lived in and with Christ through all eternity.

I look forward to receiving the names of your loved ones and placing them before the altar of God and St. Therese where they will be remembered throughout November. Your donations will help the Carmelite seminarians and ministries throughout the world.


Gratefully in St. Therese and the Communion of Saints,

Fr. Bob Colaresi, O. Carm.