We have St. Therese as our friend and guide. God speaks and reveals through her. As your mentor, she shows you practical and faithful ways of embracing every aspect life. She is an angelic messenger sharing hope for today’s world.

19-photoOur Little Flower Angel Necklace and Angels of the Lord Prayer Book can be used as inspiration. May they embrace your soul and help lead you to a closer connection with God. Therese’s faith and acceptance of God’s love defined her. She expanded his presence by touching souls to the ends of the earth. I pray she does the same for you.

With your offering, you will help our growing number of Carmelite seminarians throughout the world to serve the Church as faithful men of the Gospel. You will also support the ministries of the Carmelites to the less fortunate in more than 50 countries. We need your help to go to the ends of the earth and serve as St. Therese desired.


Suggested Donation: $5