St. Therese lived a real life and presents a practical and attainable spiritual journey. She wants us to know and accept that God loves and embraces us, from deep within.

As you go through each day, keep her near to your heart with our St. Therese necklace and novena booklet, pictured above. She was expanded by God's presence to world-wide expectations of touching the ends of the earth. May she do the same for you and all her friends.

Please help the Carmelites continue her mission of doing good on earth.  They shower God's people with the message of God's mercy and love in very concrete ways.

Your offerings support the ministries of the Carmelites to the poor, alienated and less fortunate in more than 50 countries throughout the world. We need your help to go to the ends of the earth, as St. Therese desired. I ask you to be as generous as she was, and is!

You can help make a difference in people's lives.

Little Flower Necklace and Novena Booklet

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