As a friend of St. Therese, you play a vital role in sharing her spirituality and “Little Way.” She taught us to love God through our everyday thoughts, words, actions, and prayers.

St. Therese Relic Medal

To encourage your devotion to St. Therese we are offering you this Little Flower pendant with a third class relic embedded into it.

As you carry it in your purse or pocket, let it serve as a gentle reminder to follow her “Little Way” each day and to continue her missionary spirit.

As a friend of the Little Flower, you have a special place in the hearts and prayer of the Carmelites.

You enable us to bring the “Little Way” of St. Therese to others in our teaching and works of mercy. We depend on you to be fellow missionaries with us and to support us by your prayers and generosity.


If you do not want our relic medal, please check the box below. Suggested Donation: $5 per medal, while supplies last.