Our beloved heavenly friend and benefactor had a tenacious confidence in God’s mercy and presence.    With childlike simplicity she learned to trust that God loved her, in fact flooded her soul, transforming her and removing fear. 

Faith made her blossom in holiness.   She deeply believed that God was always present and loving her.  She was not a naïve nor an overly protected child.   Therese experienced deeply the human joys and struggles we all experience.

Spring is a time of life being renewed.  Trees and flowers start to blossom.  Jesus rises from the dead.  New life returns, even with thorns some time.   Despite how dire, cold and dark winter was, we are going to survive.  God is faithful!  God is present!   God is Who we trust, with the simplicity of a child.   Our life basks and blossoms in the Son – God’s Son!RoseIntentionCard

Welcoming and celebrating this Spring of renewed life and faith, I am offering you a Rose, Therese’s symbol, for your prayer requests and intentions.    When you submit your intentions to me in the box below, they will be inscribed on a paper rose and placed before St. Therese.  We all have petitions, hopes, hurts or expressions of gratitude!  

We know that when Therese looks and gazes on us and our intentions, things happen.    This will renew and deepen our faith that we have been heard by God and will be responded to, according to God’s plan.

During May and June, we will celebrate renewed life – gifted by the Resurrection of Jesus and God’s generous mercy.   These Roses of Faith will touch Therese’s heart – God’s heart – and the people who see and pray with them.

They will be a witness of faith.  They will contagiously inspire others who walk the darkness of doubt.

Your donations will also express your faith that we are all God’s family and help the Carmelites serve and renew life and faith to people in over 50 countries throughout our planet.  You will provide Mass and Reconciliation, health care, chapels, consolation, clean water, healthy food, education and so much outreach to people who are poor, forgotten and forsaken.  They will be touched and renewed by your faith and generosity. They will know that God cares, because you care!

Your faith and generosity always lift and warm my heart.    In moments of doubt whether the Carmelites can continue the enormous outreach to so many people, you always come through.  It is like Resurrection.  It is true faith, manifested in generosity and outreach.  You are her promised Shower of Roses!   You make my heart and faith blossom!  Thank you.

I look forward to receiving your rose intentions, and seeing this tree blossom in colorful faith and trust.

Gratefully in the Little Flower,

Fr. Bob Colaresi, O. Carm.

Rose Tree of Faith

Submit your prayer intention to be inscribed on a Rose and placed before St. Therese.