Fall 2021

Generosity is the Heart of God: Living Water

Take your time as your read through our magazine. You are family to us, and we will be forever grateful for all you make possible for our mission.

Feature Story: Generosity is the Heart of God – Living Water



Summer 2021

Gardens Blossoming

The articles within this issue of Between Friends are sure to inspire you – and perhaps call you to go out to do a bit of planting, of whatever kind.

Feature story: Gardens Blossoming



Spring 2021

Resurrection: New Life

In this issue of Between Friends we reflect upon Spring’s promise of new life. Creation is full of promise because everything is possible with God! Resurrection brings New Life!

Feature story: Resurrection: New Life



Fall 2020

The Carmelite Mission: Healing and Hope

May this issue of Between Friends lift your spirits, console you in these times of doubt and encourage you with words of healing and hope. 

Feature story: The Carmelite Mission: Healing and Hope 

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Summer 2020

Continuing the Mission in Unprecedented Times

This issue of Between Friends invites you to explore the journey we continue to share with St. Thérèse.

Feature story: I Will Always Be With You


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