Fr. Bob Leads a pilgrimage to the holy land

24 pilgrims felt the call from God to make a pilgrimage in the Holy Land, where the Word of God was spoken and experienced. 5 days in Jerusalem and 5 days in the Galilee. Highlights included walking down the Palm Sunday way of the Mount of Olives, Mass in the cave at Bethlehem, alone time with an olive tree in the Garden of Gethsemani, sharing the loneliness of Jesus as he wrestled with God; praying the Way of the Cross to Calvary; remembering the Last Supper and Pentecost on Zion Hill; silent time in darkness in the pit where Jesus was imprisoned; celebrating holy women around Mary at the Dormition, and holy men on Mount Tabor; the place of the Visitation; silent time in the desert where Jesus wrestled with the demonic, swimming in the Dead Sea, renewing marriage vows in Cana of Galilee and baptismal vows in the River Jordan; Mass in the Church of Nazareth; healing service in the synagogue of Capharnaum where Jesus preached and healed so often; sailing in silence on the Sea of Galilee; Emmaus, Mount Carmel – so much biblical history and sites that our minds were spinning and our hearts stirred up. There is a ""presence"" that is tangible but difficult to explain.

Experiencing the Holy Land through a Jewish Biblical scholar and Fr. Bobs passion for the Holy Land, was more than most bargained for. There was so much to see, more scripture to read, silence to listen to, because God had called us to the Holy Land to help us live more faithfully in the holy land of our own life experience. Words cannot capture the experience of a lifetime! It was a great experience!

Below are several short videos that were filmed during the Holy Land Pilgrimage. They are allow you, in a sense, to take the journey with Fr. Bob and be present at these Holy Places where Jesus walked and taught the Gospel. Enjoy! 

Please click on each image to view different Holy Land videos.