Memorial of Saint Dominic, Priest

First Scripture Reading
Numbers 12: 1-13
Gospel Reading
Matthew 14: 22-36

Opening Prayer

Healing God, Trusting Father, like Miriam and Aaron, sometimes we do not listen to Your prophets, as they speak Your challenging truth. Help us to believe the truth You speak. Help us discern Your prophets this day who speak of Your Kingdom and promise. Enable us to listen to dreams and visions. Empower us to listen to You. As You worked signs and wonders to validate both Moses and Jesus, help us to believe more deeply. Help us to trust the healing and freeing power of Jesus – to surrender our hurts, disappointments and darkness into His healing hand. When the waters of our life feel treacherous, help us to experience Jesus walking on them and through them to us.

Lord, St. Dominic loved with great integrity and conviction.  He preached the truth and power of Your love. He taught self-denial to be more open to You.  Our Scriptures challenge us to remember all that You have done for us – how You chose and choose us to be Your people – to believe in Your outstretched arm and ever-saving presence.  Help us to preach the Good News of Your unconditional love by our lives, attitudes and behaviors.  Empower us with the humility and discipline to follow Jesus, by taking up our daily crosses – by denying ourselves for you and others.  Free us of addictions by which we try to fill ourselves.  Inspire us with faith to know that You will fill our emptiness.  Be our faithful and nurturing God.  Bless the Dominicans with passion and vocations as they preach Your truth.

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