Eighteenth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Numbers 20: 1-13
Gospel Reading
Matthew 16: 13-23

Opening Prayer

You do stretch and try us, Lord!  We panic when our needs are not met, when things don’t seem to go right, or when we get scared.  Why don’t we trust You?  We look back and romanticize the past instead.  We make short-term human judgments, instead of trusting Your long-term plan.  Help us today to believe that You are the God of miracles, who can bring water from rock and life from death.  Empower us with faith.  Like the apostles, we sometimes are confused and give strange answers when You look us in the eye.  InSpirit us to believe that You are the saving God of our lives, especially in the moments of darkness, struggle and pain.  Help us to use well the keys of Your kingdom.

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