Memorial of Saint Andrew Dung-Lac, Priest, and Companions, Martyrs

First Scripture Reading
1 Maccabees 4: 36-37, 52-59
Gospel Reading
Luke 19: 45-48

Opening Prayer

Lord God, the feast of lights reminds us of You! As Your Temple was rededicated, purified and sanctified after the pagan desecration of other gods, we need Your purifying and sanctifying light. You extended the one-day supply of sacred oil for eight days, as a sign that Your presence transforms us beyond. Purify our Church. Purify Your Temple! Save us from thieves who rob us of Your Word and deafen us to Your Voice. Purify us of people who make Your Church a museum, not a living vehicle of Your purifying reign moving forward into history and transforming the human experience. Purify us of false gods, and of values and needs we deify. Make us a holy Temple of Your Light, Lord God. Cast out the darkness of our self-sufficiency. Be our light and make us transparent that Your Light, Truth and Sanctifying Power flows and radiates in and through us!

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