Tuesday of the Thirty-second Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Wisdom 2: 23 - 3: 9
Gospel Reading
Luke 17: 7-10

Opening Prayer

Lord, sometimes I just want to feel proud of all I’ve done and how good I am. And yet, as I stand before Your Word, I’m humbled. You are the source of all life, goodness and energy. I cannot take credit. Despite all that I do, I’m only a small part of your huge master plan. Help me to be comfortable with humility. I’m awed as I realize that You have made me and all human beings to live forever. I will never go out of existence! You must have great patience and love to be with me for so long – forever! Increase my faith to know that You are refining me through the struggles and darkness of my life experience so that I can shine like You – and sparkle forever with Your light within me.

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