on love

"What a comfort it is, this way of love! You may stumble on it, you inprayer(1)may fail to correspond with grace given, but always love knows how to make the best of everything; whatever offends our Lord is burnt up in its fire, and nothing is left but a humble, absorbing peace deep down in the heart." (Story of a Soul, Ms. A., Knox translation).

"Our Lord's love makes itself seen quite as much in the simplest of souls as in the most highly gifted, as long as there is no resistance offered to his grace." (Story of a Soul, Ms. A., Knox translation).

"The science of loving, yes, that's the only kind of science I want. I'd barter away everything I possess to win it." (Story of a Soul, Ms B, Knox translation.)

"When I act as charity bids, I have this feeling that it is Jesus who is acting in me; the closer my union with him, the greater my love for all the sisters without distinction." (SS, Ms. C., Knox translation).


"Above all it's the gospels that occupy my mind when I'm at prayer. I'm always finding fresh lights there." (SS, Ms. A., Knox translation).


"I get tired of the darkness all around me. The darkness itself seems to borrow, from the sinners who live in it, the gift of speech. I hear its mocking accents: It's all a dream, this talk of a heavenly country, of a God who made it all, who is to be your possession in eternity!  All right, go on longing for death! But death will make nonsense of your hopes; it will only mean a night darker than ever, the night of mere non-existence!" (SS, Ms. C., Knox translation)


"I did well at my lessons, and nearly always came out on top; history and composition were my best subjects." (SS, Ms. A., Knox translation).