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Dear Friend,

In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, we especially celebrate St. Therese as the great messenger of God's unconditional mercy and presence.  She has made known to us the tender and precious Presence of God in all aspects of our lives.

You and I share a deep devotion to our Little Flower. In fulfilling her mission, she has touched each of our hearts in very special ways.  By the grace of God, St. Therese makes her presence known to each of us with the particular purpose of making us more aware of how loved we are by God -and how present God is in our lives.

So, my friend, you enable our community of faith to reach into the far comers of the world. Through your prayers and financial support you enable my Carmelite Brothers and Sisters to spread devotion and do their good works in more than 50 countries.


Your generosity helps to build and support schools, churches, religious education, food kitchens, health facilities, pregnancy & maternity clinics, clean water reclamation, justice work, relief centers, senior care, farms and agricultural development.  Your thoughtfulness deeply touches my heart and makes such a difference in people’s lives.

Join the Society for our Feast Day Celebration! It will take place at the Shrine of St. Therese, Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre in Niagara Falls on Saturday, 1 October, 2016. 

Your prayerful participation and financial support are a great way to celebrate the Feast Day of the Little Flower! I pray you will join the Society once again this year in celebrating our beloved St. Therese in whatever way you are able.

Your friend in St. Therese,

Fr. Bob Colaresi, O. Carm


P.S. From now until 1 October, this lovely St. Therese set of 6 all occasion cards is my gift to you with your Feast Day donation of $25.00 or more you make through our website.