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Dear Friend of the Little Flower, 

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Doesn't Christmas just move you to tears sometimes? Despite all the activity of Christmas, as you and I reflect on the message of Christmas, wordless awe sometimes just wells up. What an incredible love story! We are loved!

God, our Creator, the Supreme Lord of the Universe, humbles Himself to become one of us! A Babe is born and we can see the Face of God!Such generous love! Such self-emptying love! Our God is love, and He again reminds us that we are created in the Divine Image. We are loved by the God Who is Love.

We stand in awesome silence! We kneel in humble gratitude! We want to hug the whole world! We decorate creation with lights! Being loved, our hearts overflow in generous love of others. Isn't this what gift-giving is all about? The symbols of the biblical divine drama are wonderful to behold. Angels! Kings! The Baby Jesus! Mary! Joseph! The Star! They all speak of wonder, awe, humility, and love!

At times, our world is so embarrassed by being so loved by God that we try to ignore it. We pretend that it is too child-like. We relegate it to children. Some people want to make it just a celebration of winter and solstice. We know the truth because we are God's beloved children. 

That is why we created these religious Little Flower Christmas cards, with all the biblical people and symbols. Following St. Therese’s little way, we want to subtly and directly share the truth - the Gospel - the good news of what Christmas is truly all about. We are not embarrassed by being so loved by the God of Love! We see this Babe as the Face of God smiling on us.

Religious Christmas cards speak the message. Jesus asked us all to proclaim the message of God's love. We do it with gifts, greetings, decorations, cards, and by spending time with people we love - as well as reaching out to the poor among God's children.

Use these Christmas cards to share your love - and God's love - with your beloved family and friends. They come with prayer. The people to whom you send these Christmas cards are being remembered by the Carmelites in five Novenas of Masses beginning on Christmas day. The gift is prayer - the gift is God's love - the gift is grace!

I pray that this Christmas season be a time of deepening your awareness and embrace of God's unconditional and generous love. Let us stand in awe of the great mystery. Let us kneel in humble gratitude. We are loved by the God of Love!

Wishing you a Blessed Christmas,

Fr. Bob Colaresi, O. Carm.

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Your every gift of prayer, faith, and love to the Society of the Little Flower furthers the Gospel work of the Carmelites, and in that way, continues St. Therese's desire to go to the ends of the world, doing good.

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