Dear Friend, 

You and I share a mutual friend.

It is on her behalf that I write you this letter.

I’m trusting that our heavenly friend, St. Therese, the Little Flower of the Child Jesus, will inspire you to give me just a few moments of your time.

Even though our beloved St. Therese lived a mere 24 years on earth, she understood life so profoundly and so simply.

She lived her entire adult life sheltered in the Carmel of Lisieux, but God used this little nun to reach millions and millions of souls since her death in 1897.

St. Therese understood that “everything is grace.”

She understood that joy flows freely from confidence in God’s goodness and presence in everyone and everything.

And she understood that love grows to perfection when generously shared and gratefully received.LFKEYCHAINFINAL

I hope this small key chain will help you live each day mindful of God’s grace and goodness in your own life.

St. Therese accepted everyone and every circumstance in her life as grace – as God’s gift to draw her ever closer.  Even in pain and illness, even in loneliness and death, God invites us closer to Himself.

I see God’s grace in your continuing desire to follow our beloved St. Therese.  Through your generosity to the Carmelites and the Society of the Little Flower, you continue to follow her “little way” and reach out in love to a world in great need.

Through your generosity, you help educate seminarians and enable the Carmelites to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth.  Your every gift is certainly a pleasing tribute to our dear saint and heavenly intercessor.

In lasting gratitude for your generosity through the Society of the Little Flower, you and your intentions are remembered each day in Masses, prayers, and actions of love of Carmelites throughout the world.

As the Carmelites walk in her blessed footsteps, will you please continue your generous support to help bring God to those in need of grace, goodness, and mercy?

St. Therese teaches you and me that no act of charity goes unnoticed by God.  No act of compassion fails to have its effect, even if we do not recognize it right away.

May our loving God look upon your quiet acts of love and kindness and reward you with abundant grace!

In her love,

Fr. Bob Colaresi, O. Carm.