February 14th is the holy day that we honor St. Valentine and celebrate God’s love for us.

Similarly, St. Therese taught that we are called to a vocation of love through her “Little Way.” Her way is simple and selfless, she teaches us to live life with forgiveness, trust, and most of all, love.

As a way to share God’s love with the world, we have these specially designed St. Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards. They are a beautiful way to help spread the “Little Way” of St. Therese. Each greeting card shares a message of love and prayer. The recipients will be remembered in the Carmelite’s Five Novenas of Masses starting on Valentine’s Day.

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Suggested Donation: $2 per Card

Your prayers, support, and generosity enable the Carmelites to bring souls to the lord. You are making it possible for them to continue their missionary work with the poor and troubled throughout the world.

You are a blessing to the Carmelites, St. Therese, and the Society of the Little Flower. Your life-giving encouragement continues to spread St. Therese’s message of love in our daily work.

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St. Valentine's Day Cards and Novenas

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St. Valentine's Day Card

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Your every gift of prayer, faith, and love to the Society of the Little Flower furthers the Gospel work of the Carmelites, and in that way, continues St. Therese's desire to go to the ends of the world, doing good.

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Suggested Donation: $2 per Card