The Shower of Roses Program

Shower Of Roses

Some give greater amounts, deepening their Gospel commitment. They want to spread Therese's message of God's unconditional love and her "little way" of spirituality.

Over the past few years these gifts have:

  • Built or renovated two new seminaries for the growing number of young people joining the Carmelites to serve the Church - in North, South and Central America
  • Supported the missionary efforts of Carmelites in Africa, Asia, as well as Peru, Mexico, El Salvador, among the poorest of the poor
  • Built a retreat house in Peru for people to develop a deeper spirituality
  • Helped Carmelite Sisters and other victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans rebuild their lives and ministries
  • Help the care of senior Carmelites who are in ill- health after many years of service

If you would like to make a single large donation of $500.00 or more, you too will be helping to accomplish so much - especially spreading the word of God, the good work of the Carmelites, and 'little way' of Saint Therese throughout the world.

Become a Part of the Shower of Roses

If you offer multiple gifts of $500.00 or more over time, each time you donate your name will appear on the website. If the name is not filled in, it will appear as "Anonymous". To protect the privacy of our donors we will not disclose the specific gift amount.

Our Shower of Roses Donors