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St. Therese of Lisieux was just fifteen when she entered the Le Carmel Monastery. She worried that shetote sq was inadequate and could not achieve holiness because she was cloistered. She became the patron saint of the missions, not because she went anywhere, but because of her special love, prayers, and letters she gave in support of the missionaries. This was her “Little Way” and it is a way of trusting in Jesus to make us holy.

Deepen your devotion to her and to remind you of her “Little Way” with a St. Therese tote bag. You’ll see beautiful Therese gently embracing a crucifix and bouquet of roses… bringing them close to her heart. When you carry this bag she will be close to your heart and she will remind you that it is the little things you do – and do with love – that keep God’s kingdom growing.

Your support and generosity enable St. Therese’s mission to be carried on by her Carmelite Priests, Sisters, and brothers. Will you please help them in doing good on earth?


Suggested Donation: $8 per tote bag. Tote bag design may vary.