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Hearts and flowers! Everywhere we turn this time of year we see red paper hearts and bouquets of roses. While first thoughts tend to be about romantic love, you and I know that the love we celebrate on Saint Valentine's Day is not limited to starry-eyed couples!

Saint Valentine's Day is about loving others. Being a good Valentine means loving others as Jesus loves us. This love is patient, non-judgmental and unconditional. It is how St. Therese was determined to love while she was on this earth.  While it was always easy, it was her deepest desire to bring others to God through her "little way" of love.

While at the convent, our Little Flower taught the novices to love simply and patiently, instructing them to "soften their hearts" before dealing with difficult people and situations. She wrote of "sowing peace and joy in every heart" With the purpose of bringing souls to the Lord, St. Therese touches the hearts of those who have come to know her-even today!

St. Therese prayed to Jesus, "I wish to labor for Thy Love alone-with the sole aim of pleasing Thee, of consoling Thy Sacred Heart, and of saving souls who will love Thee through Eternity." The love St. possessed for the Lord was abundant and, through this love, she touches each of our hearts, showing us how to be closer to the Lord!

And isn't that what Saint Valentine's Day is all about-touching the hearts of others? St. Therese tells us to "pass on the love that has been given to you." That is why I created the Saint Valentine's Day cards. They were designed exclusively for the Society of the Little Flower to provide a way for you to pass on the love that has been given to you-including the love of St. Therese.

As you take in the hearts and flowers of February, remember they symbolize more than a romantic notion. Let the hearts you see inspire thoughts of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the flowers sent and received bring thoughts of our beloved Little Flower and her “little way”.

With a grateful and loving heart,

Fr. Bob Colaresi

St. Valentine's Cards 

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