spread the spirit of St. Therese and the Society of the Little Flower

Daily Scripture


Scripture has been given to all of us so that we may become closer to God in our thoughts, actions, and prayers. Whether it is the first thing in the morning, during a quiet moment at the office, or next to a child's bed in the evening, the daily scripture allows us to reflect on our spirituality and the loving presence of God in our lives. Fr. Bob's personal prayer then reflects on that day's specific scripture reading. The Daily Scripture can be printed for reading and reflection at any time, and you may also share them with a friend.

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Daily Reflection


Each new day is a day of grace and an opportunity to reflect. Visit this page or the home page of our Web site to read the day's reflection. Each daily reflection is a quote by St. Therese of Lisieux and inspires us to live each day as St. Therese lived.

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Prayer of Petition and Thanks


So many friends of the Little Flower trust her and want to bring their petitions and intentions to St. Therese at her National Shrine. Through these Prayers of Petition you can offer your petitions to God through St. Therese. Your petitions will be remembered at Mass and in prayer by the Carmelites for thirty days. In the heart of St. Therese and in the Communion of Saints, Jesus lives and listens.

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Saint Therese's Intercessions


Many friends and devoted followers of St. Therese have felt and experienced her powerful intercession in their lives. Here you can read how St. Therese has interceded in the lives of people just like you and the amazing events that have occurred through her intercession. Submit your own personal experience of how St. Therese has interceded in your life.

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