Stations of the Cross: Opening Reflection


Holy Week is quickly approaching, as we begin the remembrance of Christ’s crucifixion, death and his glorious resurrection. We invite you to take the Stations of the Cross into your life and reflect upon as we prepare to enter a week filled with importance for our faith. We will be posting a daily station leading up to Holy Week.

To identify with the last earthly journey of Jesus and to walk this sacred journey with him in a significant way, it helps to personally reflect on:

  • Times and ways when my sinfulness, pettiness and righteous beliefs caused others to suffer.
  • Times and ways I seek special privilege or power, rather than humble service of others.
  •  Times I fell on my face and didn’t think I’d ever get up again, or lacked the courage to move on.
  •  Times when the touch of another person’s veil or view comforted me and healed my broken face or heart.
  •  Times I carried crosses for others, or when someone helped me carry the burdens of my life.
  •  Times I am stretched out and nailed down by life’s responsibilities and things I cannot control, and do not surrender with grace to the power of God’s mysterious will.
  •  The times and ways I crucify people with the nails of sharp, negative and judgmental words, judgments, glances or silences.
  •  Times and ways I try to be god and not let go of anything – ways I don’t surrender my life and energy to God’s plan. Times I am too proud to proclaim: “Into your hands, I commend my spirit!”
  • The times I suspect that my salvation is earned by my hard work, difficult journeys, pains, and devotions, rather than accepting it as a free, unconditional gift from a God Who loves me more than I can imagine.
  •  Times and ways I hated and despised those who misunderstood or abused me – harbored resentments and lack of forgiveness in my heart.
  •  Times I refuse to see the powerful, refining and saving hand of God amid things I deem to be human tragedies.
  •  The times and ways I let darkness overwhelm my spirit, and don’t look to see God’s activity in empty tombs.
  •  The times and ways I demand that God do it MY way!
  •  The times and ways I don’t accept that I am not the Messiah – that I have been saved by Another.

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