Stations of the Cross: Station Three

Jesus falls the first time

Stations of the Cross: Station Three

 We adore You, O Christ, and we praise You.

Because by Your holy Cross You have redeemed the world.

Jesus, bowed down under the weight and length of the unwieldy Cross, slowly sets forth on his way, amid the mockeries and insults of the crowd. Exhausted from his agony in the garden and frightful night of imprisonment, he begins this final journey of suffering.  He sets off with his whole heart, but his limbs fail him and Jesus falls to the ground.

Why are your clothes red, and your garments like those of the wine presser?  “The wine press I have trodden alone, and of my people there was no one with me. I trod them in my anger & trampled them down in my wrath; their blood spurted on my garments; I stained all my clothes.  I looked about, but there was no one to help – appalled that there was no one to lend support; so my own arm brought about the victory.”  (Is. 63: 2 – 5)

Let us pray. O God, to free us from sin and weakness, Your Son, Jesus, embraced his fearful passion and crucifixion.  Strengthen us in our baptismal resolutions by which we renounced sin and evil, so that through the passion of this life’s sufferings we might rise to a new life of joyful service, free of all selfishness.  Empower us with the courageous and surrendering spirit of Jesus in the valleys and broken moments of our life’s journey.


Processional Song:

We hold the death of the Lord, deep in our hearts; living, now we remain with Jesus the Christ.
Once we were people afraid, lost in the night.  Then by the cross we were saved; death became living; life from your giving.
We hold…

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