St. Therese Novena Day Four: Everything is Grace

"Everything is Grace!" - St. Therese

Words of St. Therese

No doubt, it is a grace to receive the sacraments. When God does not permit it, it is good too! Everything is grace! When I shall have arrived at port, I will teach you how to travel…on the stormy sea of the world: with surrender and the love of a child who knows his Father loves him and cannot leave him alone in the hour of danger…The way of simple love and confidence is really made for you.

Our Novena Prayer Day Four

Gentle Child of God, you traveled so well on the stormy seas of life. Teach me how to travel through the ups and downs of life with your vision of faith. You surrendered to God’s purpose and loving plans, even when they did not make sense to you. Therese help me to walk through life as a child of grace. Share your faith that I might see every opportunity and experience of life as God calling me closer and refining my love. Help me believe that God is truly involved in everything, even if it looks like disaster from my petty vision. Little Flower of Jesus, make me a child of grace, because everything is grace. Give me your great vision of faith – of our awesome God Whose fingerprints are on every detail of my life.