Christmas Weekday

First Scripture Reading
1 John 2: 29 - 3: 6
Gospel Reading
John 1: 29-34

Opening Prayer

Transforming God of Surprises, who loves to peek out in strange ways and hug Your children. You inspired John to recognize Your call and presence in Jesus. He saw Your Spirit. Open our eyes and hearts to have his prophetic vision to see Your Spirit and know the presence of Jesus within and around us. InSpirit us to recognize Your Christ as he comes, lives, breathes and touches. In Jesus, you have embraced us at the core of our being – we really are Your children, because of Your adoptive and transforming love. Hug us, intimate God of light. Embrace us with Your splendor. Cast away all shadows and darkness within us. Clothe us with the dignity of royal children whose Father is God of all creation – God of all time and space – and whose Brother is Jesus, the Son of God and Light of the World. You are so close and bright, Holy God – it is almost frightening. I am almost blinded by the intensity of Your light.

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