Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children

First Scripture Reading
2 Samuel 5: 1-7, 10
Gospel Reading
Mark 3: 22-30

Opening Prayer

David is Your beloved One, isn’t he, Holy God! You betroth Yourself to him and help him unite your people and center them in Jerusalem. His destiny is Your destiny, and the destiny of the people. Betroth us again this day, that Your love may be our flesh and bone, the core of our existence. Help us to seek the eternal Jerusalem which is Your kingdom of justice, forgiveness and peace. Enlighten us to see the power of Your beloved Son, Jesus. Teach us not to judge others in demonic ways, because we do not understand them or are threatened by them. I’m sorry for the quick judgments I make and share about others, which so misread the ways you work in our world. I long to be Your beloved, Holy God, and help unite people in the values of forgiveness, reverence, personal dignity and justice. Free me not to restrain Your Spirit.

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