Memorial of Saint Alphonsus Liguori, Bishop, and Doctor of the Church

First Scripture Reading
Jeremiah 28: 1-17
Gospel Reading
Matthew 14: 13-21

Opening Prayer

God of prophecy, sometimes it is a challenge to know which prophets are true. We like the good news of Hananiah because it is what we desire. We don’t like what Jeremiah is saying because it demands change and conversion. Continue to speak to us, God of truth – call us home from exile, and enable us to walk the journey of restoration and newer life. We create iron yokes of selfishness that bind us and others. We come up empty as we pursue our immediate satisfaction rather than the restoration of Your reign. As Jesus fed the crowd gathered, help us to multiply the loaves and fishes of our life by sharing them with those in need. Restore people exiled from the justice of Your dreams. From the exile of our hoarding hearts, restore generosity that miracles may happen.

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