Wednesday of the Eighteenth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Numbers 13: 1-2, 25 - 14: 1, 26a-29a, 34-35
Gospel Reading
Matthew 15: 21-28

Opening Prayer

Do You get tired of our constant griping and lack of faith, Faithful God! Like the exodus people, we hear news of the land of promise, filled with the milk and honey of our dreams. We get excited until we learn that it will be a struggle to achieve – that obstacles, enemies and risk are along the way. We grumble when what we desire is possessed by another or is not easy or not exactly what we wanted. You must get tired of our spoiled culture! Rid us of our desert, desperate ways which cause violence and dark cravings. Help us to be hopeful people of good news, rather than self-fulfilling prophets of doom. Give us the persistent and powerful faith of the woman of Tyre and Sidon who changed Jesus’ vision and demanded that he respond. You have a soft heart for faith, Lord, don’t You? Increase our faith and permeate us with healing hope.

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