Eighth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Sirach 17: 20-24
Gospel Reading
Mark 10: 17-27

Opening Prayer

Lord, when You look at me with that answer, I look away. Why do You ask so much? Can I not simply follow the commandments and do what is expected at the minimal level. I sincerely want Your eternal Life, but You ask too much! I know that all things are possible for You, but I want to grasp everything. All these riches and resources are gifts from You and my effort. Can I not enjoy them a while? Your self- emptying challenge seems impossible and painful for me. My face and heart fall in disbelief that You want everything of me! Help me! Help me trust Your awesome Power over everything and everywhere, even over me! Change my greedy, grasping heart. Empower me to trust You so that I don’t have to rely on all these things to fulfill the deepest desires of my heart. Sometimes I want to walk away from You — keep me faithful, You, who is the desire of my heart.

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