Feast of Saint Mark, evangelist

First Scripture Reading
1 Peter 5: 5b - 14
Gospel Reading
Mark 16: 15-20

Opening Prayer

Mark, I love your simple and straightforward Gospel. I’d love to know why you and Paul seemed to have a falling out, even as you were proclaiming the message of God’s dominion in Christ. I envy the fact that you knew Jesus so personally – you saw so much! Your closeness to Peter, as if a son, touches that part of me that wants to be close to Jesus and feel embraced as God’s child. Thank you for not keeping the message to yourself. Thank you for taking Jesus seriously when He sent you forth with power. Give me your faith and courage. In times of trials and suffering, help me to believe in the dominion of Christ still breaking out in the birth pains of God’s Reign. As Jesus breathed on you, Mark, breathe on us so that the Word of God and the Peace of Christ may have life in us.

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