Feast of St. Matthias

First Scripture Reading
Acts 1: 15-17, 20-26
Gospel Reading
John 15: 9-17

Opening Prayer

Gambling God, You really do take risks. In replacing Judas to complete the Twelve, You had Matthias chosen by lot. Your choices are not random selection, but are Your providence. Help us to understand that You make choices dependent on our choices, so much have You gambled on the power of Your Spirit within and among us. You trust us with Your reign. Even though we long for the absolute power of controlling the results so that nothing is gamble, teach us Your dependent Trust. Show us again that laying down our lives and service of others is what You are about. InSpirit us so that all of our behaviors, words, judgments and attitudes are permeated by love – love born of You, the God of Love. Replace the betraying Judas in us with the Spirit of Jesus, who trusts us to be his dwelling place and messengers in this world. Humble us to trust that with You, nothing is a gamble.

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