Feast of Stephen, first martyr

First Scripture Reading
Acts 6: 8-10; 7: 54-59
Gospel Reading
Matthew 10: 17-22

Opening Prayer

Jesus now that you are here, we need to spread the message. You warned us that it might be difficult, divisive and challenging. Stephen was the first to shed his blood to witness to the awesome ways God frees and saves us. Why did the message of your love threaten good, religious people? Why does it threaten people today? Why does it threaten parts of me? Just as you emptied yourself and took the painful risk of becoming one of us, Jesus help me to empty myself of my need to be protected, comfortable, selfish and have an easy way, instead of following you through struggles, misunderstandings and shadows. Teach us to speak of your love – and with tender love. Your light does create shadows among us, Lord! Empower us to be children of light.

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