Feast of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael

First Scripture Reading
Daniel 7: 9-10, 13-14
Gospel Reading
John 1: 47-51

Opening Prayer

Ancient One Ever Youthful, Transcendent One Ever-Present; God beyond and Within us, you continue to reach out, reveal and touch us. Angels announce and reveal Your comforting and disturbing presence and activity. They are messengers of Your revelation and protection. They reveal You! They reveal who we are, as created in Your image and likeness. Michael, the “One Who is like God”, reveals and brings to life that part of us which is like You and protects our precious dignity. Gabriel is Your voice and power – and reveals and brings to life in us Your divine Word and creative presence. Raphael is Your healing touch – he reveals and brings to life in us Your healing presence and our ability to use Your creation to heal all that afflicts and limits Your sons and daughters. May Your Archangels continue to have life and power within us, bringing to life the power, passion, and protection of Your glorious presence. As Jesus sees us under the fig tree of our life, expand our spirits that we may ascend to Your heights an descend deep within to know and experience Your power and glory within, among and beyond us.

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