Feast of the Holy Innocents

First Scripture Reading
1 John 1: 5 - 2: 2
Gospel Reading
Matthew 2: 13-18

Opening Prayer

Holy God of Light, sometimes I do feel so little before You and before the vastness of the universe. Sometimes I walk in the darkness of my fears, insecurity and poor self-image. I need Jesus, Your Light, to brighten me and lift the darkness I stumble through. Restrain the Herod in me that gets jealous and feels paranoid. The pursuit of wisdom has sometime been treacherous. The sword of cynicism, born of the journey through darkness, kills my innocence. The cries of Rachel echo in my soul as I feel the dark death which stifles and murders the child of wonder in me. Help me not kill or destroy the innocence of any of Your children. God of Life, shed Your light on all pregnant women, that they may reverence the spark of life within them. Stop the abortion of Your children in the Bethlehem of our lives! Comfort those who weep for the loss of their children.

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