Feast of Saints Simon and Jude, Apostles

First Scripture Reading
Ephesians 2: 19-22
Gospel Reading
Luke 6: 12-16

Opening Prayer

Jesus, what were You looking for when You came from the mountain and began choosing Your disciples? Did God tell You who to choose? Were You looking for me? Are You looking at me right now? Did they know what they were getting into? It must have been exciting to hear You look straight into their hearts and say “Come, follow me!” And You sent them to the ends of the earth, like Simon and Jude. They are smiling now with You, but there must have been moments when they wondered about You and what You were about! Your call sustained. Your love empowered them. Your Word gave them courage. God’s presence transformed them. Thank You for Your call to me – for including me among Your family – among the community of saints and citizen-members of Your Body. Sometimes I don’t know what it means to follow You or just who are You for me, but I want to follow You. Your Spirit calls, empowers and connects me with Your whole Body so that we are the Temple of Your glory and work to include everyone in Your human family into Your dwelling place. Jesus, are You looking at me? Am I afraid to look back? What are You sending me to do today?

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