Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Isaiah 55: 10-11
Second Scripture Reading
Romans 8: 18-23
Gospel Reading
Matthew 13: 1-23

Opening Prayer

You are gardening again, God! You created one in the beginning and have not given up planting the garden of creation. You scatter Your seeds of life in the soil of our hearts and experience. I know that You intend each one to blossom and become fruitful. Your word- seeds are spoken to penetrate, permeate and transform. They are not life-less and unproductive. You are still planting Eden and birthing Your garden of life. Help us to be comfortable and patient with the growing/birthing process. Calm us not to be frightened by the labor pain of new birth, but to experience the pains as signs of hope dawning. We need your help to weed the garden and make our soil more receptive. Till us. Fertilize us. And help us yield the abundant fruits of your garden kingdom. Thank you for caring enough to plant in the soil of my life.

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