Fifth Sunday of Easter

First Scripture Reading
Acts 6: 1-7
Second Scripture Reading
1 Peter 2: 4-9
Gospel Reading
John 14: 1-12

Opening Prayer

We still struggle, like Philip, to believe that You, Jesus, are the human face of God! It is awesome to behold that in knowing You, we are touched by God. As we look to You and follow You, keep us faithful to God’s expansive and inclusive heart. There are many rooms and rooms for all in our Father’s house. In the very beginning, factions broke out. Even though You are the cornerstone, creating one building for one family, we divide up into separate rooms, disconnected and isolated. The early crisis opened your followers to create new ministries and responsibilities to address the needs of God’s people. Keep your Church today open to new ministries and possibilities, and to include all people in the ministry of your Word. In trying to protect the ancient faith, Lord, we fearfully get trapped in the past sometimes. Be our way, Jesus, leading us to the truth of the expansive and inclusive life You promised.

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