Memorial of Saint Scholastica, Virgin

First Scripture Reading
1 Kings 12: 26-32; 13: 33-34
Gospel Reading
Mark 8: 1-10

Opening Prayer

Just as Jeroboam built two new holy places in the north to worship You, sometimes I scatter the energy and love of my heart. You ask that I love You with all my whole heart, soul, mind and strength. I’m sorry for the other people and priorities I ask You to share my heart with. In Jesus, Your heart is moved with pity. My heart seems moved more by possession and privilege. He challenged the disciples, as he challenges me, to let go and give what I have – with a generous and undivided heart. Sometimes I am so afraid that if I give all, there will not be enough. Teach me that generosity and wholeness of heart, when rooted in You and from You, is more than enough. Empty me of fear and possessiveness that others might be filled. Be the food of the human heart, Jesus, Bread of God!

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