Memorial of Saint Paul Miki and Companions, Martyrs

First Scripture Reading
Genesis 1: 1-19
Gospel Reading
Mark 6: 53-56

Opening Prayer

God of creation, You make it seem so easy. You speak and it happens! And You smile because it is good. I love and need to know that You are still smiling at us, as a proud, life-giving Parent. You are our ongoing Creator. We still hear Your powerful, effortless whisper creating. Help us to see everything around us with Your eyes. Teach us to see everything as part of Your plan and in healthy relationship to everything else. Give us great respect for the world You have created for us, and teach us how not to destroy it. Give us Your divine eyesight so that we see goodness. When we seem disconnected, blind, or out of touch with You and Your creative power, enable us to simply touch Jesus as he walks through Your creation in our world today. Heal the darkness and disease within and among us that destroy the goodness You have created.

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