Fourth Sunday of Advent

First Scripture Reading
Isaiah 7: 10-14
Second Scripture Reading
Romans 1: 1-7
Gospel Reading
Matthew 1: 18-24

Opening Prayer

You are the Key of David. You open the doors to ancient dreams and promises! As the sun rises each day with its refreshing and familiar light, You continue to speak and act in refreshing and familiar ways. As Ahaz and the people were nervous, You promised that a young woman would be with child – and the kingdom was saved. As our people wait, You promise a virgin will be with child, and we are saved. As we draw close to celebrating the birth of Your Child, help us to trust the mysterious and surprising ways You come and work in our experience. Impregnate our virginity and mistrust with Your Key of Promise. Open ancient doors within us that we may walk through our experience, pregnant with Your Presence. May Your ancient ever-young Child not be exposed to shame by our mistrust and cynicism. In Him, we are Your beloved. In Him, we know You are Emmanuel! In Him, we have the key to Your Heart!

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