Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Easter

First Scripture Reading
Acts 11: 19-26
Gospel Reading
John 10: 22-30

Opening Prayer

God, Eternal Shepherd of Israel, we know Your Voice. We want to hear Your Word. Sometimes we are deafened by voices and echoes shouting within and around us. Calm us and focus us with the Spirit of Jesus, the Good Shepherd that we can hear again the gentle power of Your Word. Hold us across Your shoulders and close to Your heart, that we may never perish from our own deaf darkness. Attune our ears to hear and listen to Your familiar voice. May it echo in our lives and in the hearts of ever expanding numbers of people who hunger for You, lost in the clamorous noise of this world. May we be worthy of the name “Christian” by being passionate and faithful followers of Jesus – people comfortable with Your human embrace, Eternal Shepherd.

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