Memorial of Saint John Bosco

First Scripture Reading
2 Samuel 15: 13-14, 30; 16: 5-13
Gospel Reading
Mark 5: 1-20

Opening Prayer

Give us the courage and humility of David, O Faithful God, who could bear the truth of his murderous and deceitful heart, because he knew it was Your honest voice. Help us to face and accept the truth about ourselves and not live in delusion and denial, which becomes legion and multiplies. Your truth frees us, even though it is painful to hear, God of Wisdom! Sometimes we are chained and restrained by attitudes, hurts, judgments and actions which torture our spirit. The powerful demonic in us sometimes scream at you to remain distant. Speak your healing Word, Gentle Jesus, and cast out the evil that possesses our hearts and spirits. Our darkness is more legion than we imagine. Remove its self-destructive presence that we might know Your mercy and be embraced by Your saving love.

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