Fourth Week of Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Sirach 47: 2-11
Gospel Reading
Mark 6: 14-29

Opening Prayer

Jesus, spoken Word of God, John the Baptist lost his head because he spoke the truth. InSpirit us to speak the truth which you speak in our hearts. Teach us to trust the instincts you whisper within us. Free us to name injustice and evil which oppresses any of your sisters and brothers.

Like Herod, we sometimes don’t know what to think of you. Sometimes we are seduced to betray and behead the truth we know. Free us from cowardice and compromise. Teach us to be your prophets. Sensitize us to listen to your prophets. Help us to be like David, your anointed, in the wholehearted and multiple ways he was the instrument of your reign. Inspire us to be passionate prophets of your freeing presence in our world.

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