Friday after Epiphany

First Scripture Reading
1 John 5: 5-13
Gospel Reading
Luke 5: 12-16

Opening Prayer

Healing God, beyond and within, Your reach is awesome. You bridge any and all distance between us. Your touch heals all leprosy which destroys and separates us. In Jesus, You have conquered all corrupting darkness which limits us and the establishment of Your reign of light. By water, You have bathed us in the sea of Your love and immersed us in Your Christ. By Your Spirit, You make us tabernacles of Your Divine Presence, shrinking any distance we create. By Your blood, we are sealed in a covenant life- destiny with You. In You, we live and move and have our being. In and through us, You live, move and breathe. Thank you, Gracious God, for embracing us in Jesus and through the power of Your Spirit. Your outstretched arm invites us forth. Your healing touch penetrates to the deepest core of who we are. Thank you for being beyond us. Thank you for being within us.

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