Friday in the Octave of Easter

First Scripture Reading
Acts 4: 1-12
Gospel Reading
John 21: 1-14

Opening Prayer

Breakfast with you in a familiar place! You have a delightful smile, Jesus, as you continue to appear in our lives! The power of your Name works wonders and confronts limiting righteousness. Why do we sometimes still not believe in you and the uplifting power of God’s Spirit? Why do we confront and condemn goodness just because we do not understand it? Jesus, in the temple of our lives you are turning over the tables of our religious minds and transforming our hearts so that we belong to God. Despite our frustrating attempts to find you elsewhere, you continue to send us back to the familiar people, places, and practices of our lives to fish again with a new energy and new optimism. You have made our daily lives holy. And you always come through in surprising ways. As you continue to appear, you break open and through the limited expectations of our human hearts. Thank you for being the breakfast of life for us, Lord Jesus.

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