Friday of the Ninth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Tobit 11: 5-17
Gospel Reading
Mark 12: 35-37

Opening Prayer

God of the ages and generations, we experience deeply the generational conflicts. While we cherish our family of origin, we are also aware of the dysfunction which runs in our blood. Teach us to have a great reverence for our heritage, even as we experience the pains and voids. As Tobiah heals his father’s blindness and David and the Son of David must be reconciled, we ask you to heal and reconcile us with our heritage. Inspire us to heal genetic hurts and to reverence the giants who are our heritage. Cure any blindness which cripples our future because of our past. Heal the generations, God of the generations, so that our children might be our builders as we are our ancestors’ builders. May Your Name be praised throughout the generations, God of our history.

Dear Therese of Lisieux, in 1895, as you were beginning the darkest time of the final surrender of your life and expectations to the Beloved Jesus, you made your Oblation to Merciful Love. You offered yourself totally to Love Who is God. Empower us to today with the same spirituality of self-sacrifice and generosity that moved you, Therese, so that we transcend our needs, hurts and hopes and return to God what is already His — our life! InSpirit us to understand the unconditional and all-powerful Mercy of God, especially when fear or insecurity invades our soul.

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