Memorial of Saint Andrew Dŭng-Ląc and Companions

First Scripture Reading
Daniel 5: 1-6, 13-14, 16-17, 23-28
Gospel Reading
Luke 21: 12-19

Opening Prayer

God of Life, You seemed jealous and angry, feeling left out, that they used the sacred gold and silver Temple vessels to honor other gods, but ignored You! We are sorry that sometimes we ignore You as the Giver of all gifts, precious and simple. We use Your gifts to honor other deities we have developed. You wrote on their wall. Write on our hearts! Teach us that all we have is not lasting, is not completely satisfying, is not divine, and should not be defining of us. In humility help us to receive Your gifts and with good stewardship honor You as the God whose life-breath sustains us. Teach us trust, especially when we feel threatened. You predicted persecution. It is more subtle these days and more seductive of our faith. Give us patient endurance to be faithful to you and use the precious vessels of your living Temple to nourish the dignity of all Your children.

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