Memorial of Saint Barnabas, Apostle

First Scripture Reading
Acts 11: 21b-26; 13:1-3
Gospel Reading
Matthew 10: 7-13

Opening Prayer

Living God, sometimes we experience drought, like Elijah. In searching for You as the source of life, we believe that You will provide the necessary food and water – the nourishment we need to live a deeper life with You. Give us the spirit of Elijah to search and move to find the food and drink you wish us to taste and consume. Help us not to fear to explore new places, hungers, and thirsts where Your life-giving presence might be. As Moses went to the mountain to receive Your law, Jesus proclaims from the mountain the law of Your Kingdom. We need Your divine assistance to be among Your blessed – to be poor in spirit, singlehearted, humble, merciful, peace-making, faithful and hopeful amid suffering. Your law seems so high and noble yet we believe that it nourishes the deepest hungers and thirsts of our human spirit. Feed us and quench our thirst for You, Living God.

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