Memorial of Saint Bonaventure, Bishop and Doctor of the Church

First Scripture Reading
Genesis 49: 29-32; 50: 15-26a
Gospel Reading
Matthew 10: 24-33

Opening Prayer

God of our Homeland, I hear the plea of Jacob- Israel to go home and be buried in the land of heritage, promise and hope. You have created us with a yearning for paradise as our home with You. Instill in us the forgiving passion of Joseph, who counts blessings, not bruises. Bring us home to Your embracing, forgiving arms and drench us with divine tears. Help us not to be afraid as we experience death and destruction within and around us. You are the God of Life and You are with us! Help me today to believe more deeply that You will embrace and know me in the same way that I have known and embraced You in my life and in others. Teach me to be faithful to home, which is You!

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