Memorial of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

First Scripture Reading
Revelation 3: 1-6, 14-22
Gospel Reading
Luke 19: 1-10

Opening Prayer

Jesus Victorious, we have to climb from our pettiness to see you, like Zacchaeus. We must transcend our limited vision and be transformed in justice. You have won the victory and yet we must still climb. I’m thrilled that you are willing to stay and eat with me, even though I am a sinner. You do read the good intentions of my heart. I’m sorry that I am so lukewarm at times. Your mystic revelation gives me great hope, and yet my cynicism cripples the soaring of my soul to you. Stay with me, Lord. I will acknowledge your presence, eat with you, and help work for your victory with a pure heart, focused on justice. Clothe my sinful nakedness and anoint the sight of my heart that I might see you, and stand before your royal throne with all your sisters and brothers.

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