Memorial of Saint Ignatius of Loyola

First Scripture Reading
Jeremiah 26: 1-9
Gospel Reading
Matthew 13: 54-58

Opening Prayer

Like Jeremiah, Lord, I am reluctant to speak Your message. People misunderstand and I thrive on human respect. Why is Your message always so challenging? Why is it always about conversion of our lives? Is it because You made us in Your image and You really do want us to reflect You in our world? Sometimes we are so jaded. The familiar becomes mundane and loses its mystery and precious specialness. Help us not to be like the people of Nazareth who were not open to Jesus because they thought they knew him. Purify us again so that we do not miss Your presence in the people we are most familiar with. InSpirit us today, so that we are not blinded by familiarity nor paralyzed by misunderstanding.

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